What People Are Saying About Us

  • Tried this style of take away food before only to be disappointed. THIS THOUGH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. DELICOUS.
    Stephen Piper
  • "I have literally become your biggest fan since my very first bite. The high quality and freshness as well as the array of healthy ingredients was a welcome change to the everyday mundane staff lunch! From the generous portion sizes to the tantalising salad dressings that I could taste was handcrafted by a master chef, just made me feel like 'Oh yeah! This is what I'm talking about'. Having survived a very aggressive breast cancer diagnosis last year, healthy food choices have been top priority for me ever since. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making healthy food more easily available to help me attain my goal of healthy living. The love that goes into your creations are apparent and the value you add to our wellbeing just priceless!"
  • I am a HUGE advocate for this company! These guys are leading the way for healthy food options to be put in all hospitals, train stations and various public arenas around Australia! Since their inception they have worked tirelessly to supply their healthy food vending machines to various places around Brisbane and give health conscious people an option over crap takeaway food. Every hospital in Australia NEEDS to come on board and get these vending machines in their building!
    Michelle O'Hara Auer
  • As someone who has worked in Queensland hospitals as a Medical Doctor and understands the link between good nutrition and good health, I am surprised by the poor offering of food in most hospitals. I first tried All Real Food meals a few months ago and am now a regular at their machines. The freshness, quality and nutritional content is better than what I’d expect to find in a health food shop or health café. These meals would have helped me make much smarter dinner and snack decisions when I was doing late night shifts through Medical School. They would have also helped my sugar highs and lows. It is often very hard to find something that isn’t packed full of sugar or full of preservatives after hours in most Brisbane hospitals and I definitely recommend a few of these for every hospital to encourage staff and visitors to look after themselves. All Real Food is definitely the way of the future.
    M. Evans
  • My family is currently staying at Ronald McDonald House in Herston. Yesterday your team dropped off some of the these delicious salads and breakfasts for house guests. I just wanted to say these were amazing and a nice change from trying to cook where we are constantly running between the hospital and the house!
    Laura Chislom
  • Hi guys, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for coming up with such a wonderful idea. The vending machine at Wintergarden has been a lifesaver for me. It's so difficult finding fresh food working in the city for a reasonable price, but visiting the machine has become a super fun and satisfying event for me during the week. The food is always amazing and fresh, and so many people have commented and asked where I've bought it from. I hope your machines will soon be everywhere, so much value for money and so delicious!
    Lana Norris
  • I am an after hour’s manager at Brisbane Private Hospital… I would like to say how thrilled we are at having your vending machine here. I think I have eaten a huge amount of your delicious foods and I’m very impressed by how fresh, tasty and good looking the meals are!... Thank you again for providing our hospital with great food choices!
    L. Vincent
  • "Thank you so much, I'm a nurse that works night shift, I can't express how happy you have made me to have your food in the hospital. Keep up the great work."
  • "Thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you! I've spent 2 dreaded nights in Brisbane Private Hospital – when admitted (other than the evident pain) I was so disheartened at the thought of eating stodgy bum glue white bread sandwiches during my stay….. Until my husband came bounding into my room with a Moroccan lamb salad and choc chia berry pudding!!! The skeptic in me HAD to real the nutritional information….. And Nek Minniit I've had the same meal 3 X per day and am now wondering how I can purchase these outside of having to re admit myself! Thankyou from the bottom of my (satisfied) heart for providing delicious nutritional food at a location that desperately need more of your machines every hospital in Aus needs you…. Love Emma"
    Emma Herbert
  • I wanted to congratulate your company on the fantastic product that you have developed – it nails it from every angle – FINALLY!!! A healthy, interesting, after hours, value for money product that lets people know what they are actually eating (love the nutrition breakdowns).
    E. Roberts
  • Would love to see one of these at QUT Gardens Point or Kelvin Grove Campus’s! Actually both would be amazing! Love your food and I know there are many like-minded students who would love having this yummy and healthy option for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks! This would be especially helpful during exam block, as it’s often so hard to stick to something healthy when you need a quick food option!
    Christina Trone
  • Thank you for bringing these delicious meals to our workplace!!! If you haven’t tried this before get to a vending machine quick, these are AMAZING and great when you’re on the run!
    Chanelle Joe
  • I finally got around to trying your food for lunch today from the Wintergarden self service cafe. I had the Tex Mex salad. OMG - it was amazing! Not only was it fresh and incredibly (INCREDIBLY) tasty, but I had a look at the ingredients list on the top and most of it is organic. Not an ounce of added flavours or anything that is not just pure, real food. I'm absolutely blown away, but then again - isn't it a sad world that we live in where good, honest, healthy, real food feels so special?
    Aisha Glen



We Are All Real Food.

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Fresh produce sourced fresh, seasonally and locally only from Australia. Dry produce sourced locally where possible. Always organic where possible.

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At last - healthy fast food…on the run! Fresh, healthy wholefood salads, breakfasts, snacks and sweets available through our Self Service Cafés and selected retail outlets.

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...is dedicated to being ethical and transparent about how and where we source our ingredients from; why we include certain ingredients and how we process the ingredients to maximise the nutritional value and taste in everything we use.

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Our Business

...is dedicated to being ethical and transparent about how and where we source our ingredients from; why we include certain ingredients and how we process the ingredients to maximise the nutritional value and taste in everything we use.

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