Body brushing has been the most amazing discovery for me, and would have to be my number one budget beauty tool… Besides the amazing health benefits that have been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for millions of years, it makes your skin look and feel absolutely amazing.

At the age of 25, I discovered a couple of sun spots on the back of my shoulders… After visiting a doctor, naturopath and dermatologist about the issue, I was simply told that I had spent too much time in the sun when I was young and I would have to live with ugly bright white patches on my back for the rest of my life as the skin pigmentation cells had stopped working… I was absolutely devastated.

A couple of years later, I read about the amazing health benefits of dry body brushing. The daily brushing technique stimulated the skin helping to eliminate toxins from the body. By stimulating the lymphatic system and improving blood circulation, elimination of waste and toxins improves and even results in improved digestion and kidney function.

The daily routine seemed simple enough and after a quick visit to David Jones, I was all set with a $15 natural bamboo bristle body brush.

Every morning, before my shower, starting at my feet I gently brushed my legs, butt, arms shoulders and lower back – These were the easiest places to reach any I found the skin on my stomach was a little too sensitive. The whole process took less than a minute and I figured it couldn’t do any harm and saved me exfoliating my legs before shaving.

A couple of weeks later, much to my absolute amazement and delight, I noticed that my sun spots were fading and after two months had completely disappeared. I also noticed that the small amount of cellulite I had on my butt also vanished. Pretty impressive result for a $15 brush and a minute a day! I have also since discovered it is amazing to quickly heal any bruises and scarring that I tend to run into from time to time.

To incorporate dry body brushing into your daily beauty routine, follow these simple steps.

1. Purchase any natural bristled body brush like this one from David Jones (my original body brush)  or you can get a purpose built dry body brush, Biome have a great selection here, my favourite is the Sisel Body Brush from Biome which I have now upgraded to and every one of my friends have received for birthdays! Whichever one you choose, just make sure it has natural bristles!

2. Before you shower, do a quick, gentle brush starting at your feet and working your way upwards. Now some people say to do gently upward strokes, but that sounds a bit too time consuming for me, and I only read that after I’d been brushing for about two years so my method is to just work upwards in up and down brush movements. Depending on how firm your brush is, your skin may be a bit sensitive in the beginning. Just start gently and don’t hurt yourself, your skin will get used to it and your brush will soften too with time. If you have especially sensitive skin, it might be good to start with a softer brush or face brush.

3. Moisturise well after your shower with a natural oil like coconut oil or natural moisturisers… My favourite natural moisturisers (I actually have every one of these – A bit obsessed) are Mukti which has an amazing grapefruit scent and perfect to uplift in the morning, Dr Bronner Lavender Body Lotion which I use when showering before bed as the lavender is great to help me relax and sleep well and Black Chicken Love Your Body Oil which I use especially after shaving as it is super nourishing on my sensitive skin.

4. Washing your body brush… Now this is something I forget to do regularly but from time to time it will be good to take the brush into the shower with you and wash it with a little of your body wash. Make sure it dries off properly, particularly the traditional brushes that take longer to dry, if it isn’t dry properly, they can go moldy quite quickly.