Many diets are focused on the number of calories that are consumed in a meal or day. This is a tiresome process and there are a number of flaws in the system.

Not all calories are made the same. Eating 600 calories of chicken, greens or wholegrains is not the same as eating 600 calories of chips, milkshakes or burgers. Calorie counting does not indicate what your body is gaining from the food, or account for the number of toxic preservatives, additives and flavourings that your body has to process. Your body will gain different nutrients from different types of calories; calorie counting gives no indication of how healthy a food actually is.

When you eat real food, there is no need for calorie counting. You can eat whatever you want and as much as you want and you will know you are always nourishing your body with what it was meant to eat.

Further Reading

Counting Calories is a Waste of Time & Weight Loss

Gary Taubes, author of ‘Why We Get Fat’ and ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’