Forget dieting and focus on enjoying and nourishing your body with as much healthy real food as you want.

There is so much information available today about diets and dieting, it can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing. Many people jump from one fad diet to another never quite achieving the long term results they were hoping for which may include weigh loss, going down a dress size or two, feeling more energetic or having clear glowing skin.

I would like to propose a new concept on dieting. No one diet is right or wrong, and all diets can be healthy or unhealthy depending on how they are executed. If you were following a vegetarian diet laden with processed breads, refined sugar and pasta, this would not be considered a healthy diet by most people’s standards. If the same vegetarian ‘diet’ consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, good oils, nuts and seeds, you are nourishing your body with real food, and most likely to feel amazing and get the results you were hoping for.

Every diet is healthy when it is made up of real whole foods in the form that nature has intended. The different food types that you choose to include or exclude from your diet will depend on personal values. Some people may choose to exclude meat products for ethical reasons. Other may need to exclude dairy and grains, which can be particularly difficult to digest, if they have a sensitive or compromised digestive system.  There is no one size fits all solution as everyone is different, but sticking to real food will work for everyone.