Why Wheat or Gluten Free?

Why Wheat or Gluten Free?

The wheat of today is not the same as the wheat that my grand mother knew 40 years ago. Over the last 40 years, wheat has […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Oils

The Ultimate Guide to Good Oils

Cooking oils should always be cold pressed and organic where possible to prevent cell damage and oxidation. Very high heats are used in processing most vegetable […]

7 Things You Need to Know About Fats!

7 Things you need to know about fats!

1. Eating fat does not make you fat! Refined sugars, processed carbohydrates and trans-fats (found in margarine, deep fried fast food, some processed foods) make you fat. Low-fat diets […]

10 Reasons To Quit Sugar

10 Reasons I Quit Sugar

Sugar addiction is the greatest nutritional chrisis of all time and these are the reasons I quit sugar! 1. Sugar kills more people each year then tobacco […]

Calories: Not all calories are made equal

Not all calories are made equal!

Many diets are focused on the number of calories that are consumed in a meal or day. This is a tiresome process and there are a […]

Salt: The Right Kind of Salt


Salt and other minerals like potassium and iodine naturally occurring in natural, unrefined real salt are essential for life and critical for the health of every […]