Bon Appétit! The Menu

I can recommend any of the products produced by All Real Food to people of all ages with confidence, knowing that their customers are buying a wholesome, quality product they can rely on to reach their health goals whatever they may be!"

Kelly Wotherspoon - Nutritionist and Naturopath

We’ve reinvented the salad! All Real Food salads are nutrient dense, colourful, wholefood meals. Our salads cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, paleo and banting. The ingredients are locally and seasonally sourced from Australian and New Zealand producers. Gorgeous, fresh, healthy and satisfying.

For all the meat lovers out there, we have created a range of meat salads just for you - Healthy, tasty and nutritious meat salads to satisfy and delight, featuring our free range, grass fed local chicken, beef or pork; fresh, seasonal produce and tasty home-made dressings.

Try our colourful, seriously tasty and fun wraps! A delicious flour tortilla packed with fresh, healthy and delicious salads and free range meats and served with a dipping sauce for maximum flavour.

Coming soon...

Warm up this winter with our delicious range of warm meals... Healthy pastas, risottos and more all ready to heat up in the microwave or on the stove top!

No excuse skipping breakfast now! Power up your morning with one of our nutrient packed, delicious breakfast jars. They go great with a smoothie – the perfect, healthy start to your day!

Peckish but can only find sugar laden snacks? You’ll LOVE our range of healthy snacks.

Who said desserts can be good for you! We love desserts and ours are all sugar-, dairy- and gluten-free – and they taste amazing! Guilt-free and delicious – love it.

Warm up during the colder months with our nourishing and warm soups. Simply heat them up at home or work in the microwave or on the stove top!

Love our food? The Your Fridge range contains healthy tasty All Real Food items to take home to your fridge - Try our Coconut Yoghurt, Paleo Granola and much more....

Add a salad topper, like free range meat, chicken or pulled pork, for a protein boost! There’s a salad topper to complement every salad.

Looking for a snack size meal... Our Mini Jars include mini Chia Pudding Pots and mini Yoghurt pots for the perfect healthy snack on the go!

Take us home with you! A make-at-home jar includes all the ingredients required to cook a healthy, tasty, organic All Real-Food meal at home. Each take-home pack cooks a meal for one person – buy as many jars as you need. Simple!

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