Caramello Crunch

Layers of thick greek yoghurt, vanilla chia pudding and Maple-Coconut Caramel Sauce all topped with our secret blend Cinnamon Paleo Granola for a crunchy sweet start to your day.

"This breakfast is a clever combination of nutritious simple sugars, fibre and rich, quality fats as well as plant based proteins. The ingredients have been carefully selected and prepared to ensure that maximum antioxidants are retained within the ingredients. This breakky is low GI and perfect for those on calorie controlled diets as the beautiful natural fats within the breakfast slow the release of the sugars, providing you with more energy for longer." Kelly Wotherspoon - Nutritionist & Naturopath

  • Anti-Aging Antioxidants: The Fountain of Youth

  • Food Crave Buster: Keeps You Full

  • Good Fat: Eat Fat, Burn Fat

  • Happy Hour: Beat The Blues

  • Performance: The Power Of Protein

  • Probiotics: Your Friendly Bacteria