Pesto Pasta

Perfecto Basil Pesto!

You will think you went to Italy for the day... Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa penne pasta with fresh housemade basil pesto, sheep & goat milk feta, shaved broccoli, cherry tomato and rocket.

"This gluten free, nutrient dense salad is jam packed full of ingredients to boost your metabolism, maintain energy levels and give the protein required to feel full all afternoon! All Real Food have done a magnificent job of sourcing quality produce from only the best suppliers and creating a masterful, tasty salad that is as rich in nutrition as it is in taste! The gluten free rice and quinoa pasta is packed with protein; while the combination of broccoli, cherry tomatoes and feta provide you with your daily dose of magnesium, vitamin c and calcium making this salad the perfect lunch time feast!" Kelly Wotherspoon - Nutritionist & Naturopath

  • Food Crave Buster: Keeps You Full

  • Heart Healthy: Eat Smart For Your Heart

  • Kick-Start Energy Boost

  • Muscle Mate: Eat This. Get Strong

  • Performance: The Power Of Protein

  • Supercharge Your Metabolism