Buying organic fresh produce like fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy can be expensive; here are some tricks to buying organic food on a budget:

Eat seasonal, local produce – When food is not travelling far from where it is grown, it is cheaper. In addition to this, food grows naturally in the season we are meant to be eating it. For example, in summer all the cool hydrating fruits and vegetables become available and in winter all the warm nourishing root vegetables are in season for soups and stews.

Buy in bulk – Buying in bulk is often cheaper, particularly meat and dry food like nuts and grains. If you have too much produce, you can go in with friends or neighbours. Food co-ops are also a good way of reducing cost by buying in bulk as a group. See this link for a food co-op in your area or for information on starting your own food co-op.

Grow your own – Herbs and greens are very easy to grow at home on the balcony or in the garden. It’s also great to get kids involved in home gardening. Nicola Newman is my go to organic garden guru and she offers a variety of great short online courses to get you on your way

Farmers Markets – Attending local farmers markets is a great way of getting fresh local and organic produce picked that day, as well as a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. The prices are normally a lot cheaper then the supermarkets. Check online for a list of farmers markets in your area.

Online Fruit and Veg Box Deliveries – Online stores like ‘Homefresh Organics’ allows you to shop for fresh local produce and other groceries online, bringing produce direct from the farmer at excellent prices. This is a great option for busy people that don’t have time to attend farmers markets.

Health Food Store Discount Days – Most local health food stores such as Mrs Flanneries and Wray organics have discount days once or twice a month. That’s a great time to stock up on all your pantry staples.

Supermarkets – Both Coles and Woolworths are now stocking a good range of organic produce at competitive prices, and often they have great specials on meat and fresh produce.

Online Stores – There are some great online organic stores that sell pantry staples cheaper than supermarkets or healthfood stores, particularly if you buy in bulk. Some good ones are Organics on a Budget, Honest to Goodness & Bulk Wholefoods.

Join a or start a Co-Op  – Food co-ops achieve wholesales prices by bringing a few people together to order in bulk quantities. If you are super organised and happy to order monthy, this is a great way of saving money. Green Caravan is a great co-op servicing the Brisbane area.