Healthy food from Queensland’s healthiest vending machines are transported directly to those less fortunate in Brisbane, as part of OzHarvest’s initiative to reduce food waste and improve the nutritional health of homeless men, women and children.

Founded in 2014, OzHarvest rescues quality excess food from commercial outlets across the country for delivery, direct and free of charge, to more than 200 charities. Since its inception, the food charity has delivered more than 6.5 Million meals to food banks and charities across Brisbane (more than 2.5 million kilograms of food). OzHarvest is the intermediary and the connector between surplus food and those who go hungry.

“Faces of hunger that we help include homeless men, women and children. They include women and men residing in refugees and boarding homes who may have just enough to put a roof over their heads, but can’t afford to eat,” says Ozharvest’s Andrew Leese.

“It can be a child sleeping rough, not knowing where their next meal will come from, or a family whose parents have lost their jobs and who can’t bear the shame of sending their kids to school hungry.”

A Melbourne study conducted last year found that homeless Australians eat only two meals per day. Andrew Leese said not eating enough food and eating nutritionally inadequate food are two issues which OzHarvest is committed to resolving. “Research suggests that a lack of nutrition associated with poor access to food puts homeless at a higher risk of chronic illness, hospitalisation and emergency room treatment.”

“Promoting the importance of consuming food with an adequate nutritional profile is paramount to OzHarvest. That’s why we love partnering with healthy food businesses like All Real Food.”

Co-founders of All Real Food, Daniella Stalling and Mark Woodhead, said nutrition, food security and sustainability formed an integral part of the All Real Food philosophy. “All people in our society should have access to sufficient and nutritious food that meets dietary requirements for an active and healthy life,” Mr Woodhead said. “Our partnership with OzHarvest allows all unsold items from every All Real Food self-service machine to be donated to more than 800 local food banks and charities in Australia. “Since establishing All Real Food last September, we have donated more than 3,000 fresh, healthy, delicious meals and snacks to those in need.

For more information on the great work that OzHarvest do, please visit their website


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