Salt and other minerals like potassium and iodine naturally occurring in natural, unrefined real salt are essential for life and critical for the health of every cell in your body:

  •  Sodium is a catalyst for the production of hydrochloric acid which aids in the digestion of food;
    • Nerve and muscle function
    • Fluid and Electrolyte and pH balance in the body
  • Potassium together with Sodium is critical for the movement of waste out of the cells and nutrients into the cells
  • Iodine is essential for the thyroid to function correctly

The difference between refined table salt and real salt.

Refined table salt has been stripped of all naturally occurring minerals, and only contains sodium and chloride. During manufacturing process, the salt is chemically cleaned, bleached and heated to the point that the chemical structure is changed. Next anti-caking agents are added to the salt to ensure it doesn’t combine with water when it’s in your salt shaker. Unfortunately this means that when it is consumed, it is not water soluble, and does not combine with the water and fluids in your body. For the body to cope with the salt intake that it cannot process, it leaves salt deposits in your organs and tissues which can lead to many health issues.

Natural unrefined salt contains a variety of 84 minerals that assist the body in processing and absorbing the salt optimally. Natural unrefined salt options include Himalayan Salt and Celtic Sea Salt are available from health food stores and online stores including Organics on a Budget and iHerb

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