Smoothies are a great and tasty way to get lots of fruit, vegetables and superfoods into your diet quickly and easily. Healthy ingredients like spinach, kale and avocado can be easily added without detection, perfect for fussy kids and adults. Smoothies can be served in mason jars or travel mugs for easy transport. The smoothie can be made the night before and stored in the fridge or prepared in bulk on the weekend and frozen. The quantities here are merely an indication and do not need to be specific, please feel free to add more or less, and experiment lots.

Step 1 – Select your smoothie liquid:

Filtered Water

Chai tea for a spicy kick and to boost energy and your metabolism!

Green tea for energy and anti-aging antioxidants!

Coconut Water to hydrate (Raw C, Nakula and Cocobella are our favourites)

Nut Mylk for guilt free guilty creamy deliciousness (Pure Harvest Milk and Brokenhead Coconut Milk are our favourites)

Qty – ½ cup per person


Step 2 – Pick a base to thicken the smoothie

Avocado for healthy fat that makes everything super light and creamy like a whipped milkshake!

Banana for sweet creamy deliciousness. Make sure your banana is extra ripe for maximum sweetness, I look for the black ones in the discount basket. Once you get home you can peel and freeze them so you always have bananas on hand, they are also perfect for making banana bread.

Psyllium Husks if you prefer to have a thick smoothie with no added fruit sugar, also excellent for extra fiber!

Qty – ½ banana and/or ½ avo per person. 1tsp psyllium husks per person


Step 3 – Pick your greens

Spinach is my absolute favourite of all the superfoods… I eat spinach with most meals and breakfast is no exception… Aiding in digestion, clear skin, heart health and bone strength, not to mention being super tasty in smoothies (meaning you can’t really taste it), it is my go to green for all green smoothies!

Cos Lettuce is not only the tastiest of all the lettuce (in my opinion), but also the most nutritious in the lettuce family. Adding a couple of cos leaves to your smoothies provides a nutrient hit and delicious creamy flavour.

Kale, a small amount of kale goes a long way, it is super nutritious, especially when raw so only a little bit is needed, any more than a small handful and it taste becomes a little overwhelming.

Fresh herbs like mint, coriander and parsley are great in smoothies. If you have them in the garden, you can pick them fresh each morning. Each herb offers a variety of different health benefits from fresh breath, heavy metal cleansing, digest aid and immune booster.

Sprouts are the start of life, the seed has released all its protective properties and contains all the nutrients to help it grow into a big plant. Add a small handful of sprouts with your other greens for an extra superfood kick.

Leafy greens should be bought organic where possible as they contain a high amount of residual pesticides with conventional farming. If purchasing non-organic greens, ensure they are washed thoroughly with a fruit and veg wash.

Qty – 2 handfuls of greens per person


Step 4 – Choose your seasonal fruit if required 

When picking fruits, its best to stick with the seasons as fruit and vegetables become available when your body needs them most.

In summer, we need to cool down and stay hydrated by eating more berries, stone fruit, hydrating melons and cucumbers. In autumn, fruit like apples and pears help the body get rid of excess heat and cool down before winter. During winter, we look get immune boosting nourishing fruit like citrus, pomegranates, bananas and kiwi and in spring we have an abundance of young leafy greens to alkalize and detox after a winter of heavier foods.

Citrus fruits like orange, lemons and limes are great to mask the flavour of any greens for fussy eaters. They are high in immune boosting vitamin C, vitamin A for good eyes and vision and calcium for strong healthy bones.

Berries are great to turn a green smoothie purple for colour conscious consumers as well as providing a really low sugar sweetening ingredient. They are high in anti aging antioxidants as well as immune boosting vitamin C, dietary fibre and much more.

Qty – 1/2 to 1 handful per person


Step 5 – Adding superfoods to your smoothie is a quick easy way to include them into your diet

Chia seeds are high in iron, calcium and omega 3’s and can be added to any smoothie for extra energy, protein and good fats.

Cacao Powder is extremely high anti-aging antioxidants, has a feel good effect improving mental health, aids digestion and improves blood circulation. It is great to add to a nut mylk smoothie with some avocado for creamyness and mejool dates for sweetness

Coconut oil is great to have every day for energy, too boost your metabolism, support your immune system and keep skin hydrated and healthy. It it’s liquid form usually in summer when its hot, it can be poured into the blender while turned on to help emulsify the oil into the smoothie. In the winter months when it is hard, you may have some white specs in your smoothie but the health benefits will be the same.

Other great superfoods that can be added to your smoothie include Goji Berries for extra antioxidants, maca powder to balance hormones and Spirulina or a greens blend like Changeing Habits Supreme Green Blend  or Food Matters Superfood Greens for extra leafy green goodness

Qty – 1-2 tsp per person


Step 6 – Add a natural sweetener if desired

If you smoothie isn’t naturally sweet enough, you can add one or more natural sweetners to sweeten it up

Raw honey is full of naturally occuring vitamins, minerals and propolis which is a natural antibiotic that the bees use to protect their hive. If you are fighting a cold, add a little extra honey or even Manuka honey for and extra immune boost.  Raw honey is now available at most health shops and local farmers markets. Honey from local bees will be even more beneficial as it will build your immunity against local allergens in your area.

Maple syrup from the sap of the maple tree has an amazing flavour, improves digestion and protects skin. When purchasing maple syrup, make sure you read the ingredients carefully to ensure you are purchasing 100% pure maple syrup with no nasties.

For a delicious caramel flavour, try adding medjool dates to your smoothie, they are super energising, keep you full and help with the absorption of iron from all your leafy greens. Medjool dates are readily available in your supermarket in the chilled fruit and vegetable section or at your health shop. Just make sure you remove the pit before adding to your blender.

Qty – 1 tsp per person or to taste


Add all ingredients to blender in the order listed above and blend for 3-4 minutes until all ingredients are combined and smooth. Smoothie can be blended for longer if you don’t have a high speed blender. If you prefer a chilled smoothie, freeze fruit like banana, pineapple and cucumber for a naturally chilled smoothie.