Our Nutritionist

At All Real Food we value health as well as your happiness when it comes to our food. A nutritionist works closely with us reviewing our menu items and ensuring we maximise the nutrition in our food as this is important to us. An analysis of each and every menu item has been done by our nutritionist. Please note that this analysis and any comments about the macronutrient breakdown are general comments only. For individualised, dietary advice you should work with a professional on a 1 on 1 basis.


As a ‘Real food’ Nutritionist, I could not recommend All Real Food and the foods that they produce highly enough.

There are far too many companies focusing on the macronutrient components of their meals (protein / carbs / fats) but very few, if any that also take into account the importance of micronutrients and work to ensure that their ingredients are minimally processed. All Real Food does both. Their meals are well balanced, with high fibre carbohydrates, healthy fats and adequate protein – this in itself is a rare find as far as ‘ready-made meals’ are concerned. But even more importantly, their foods are preservative free, unprocessed and as fresh as possible, which means that each All Real Food meal is like a multivitamin on your plate. More companies need to follow in their footsteps and remove preservatives and artificial flavours from their foods as these interfere with our metabolisms and are highly detrimental to our health.

As a bonus, All Real Food have a strong focus on supporting other local businesses and suppliers, which is not only beneficial to our economy but also guarantees you are getting the freshest ingredients on your plate.

Finally, All Real Food meals are made by a real chef. As a true foodie at heart, you can tell that the flavour combinations have been put together by an actual chef!

All Real Food meals are honestly delicious and they are my go to several times a week.

Katie King
Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)