Big Red's Nutrition

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist that believes in both world of Western Medicine and Alternative medicine and Nutrition are best used cohesiveness.

My background of nutrition started when I competed in a Bikini and Fitness competition. Unfortunately, a result of not understand my nutritional intake and exercise, I took away no trophies, only an eating disorder. I was very fortunate to have the support around me, however the only vice to truly escape it, is education. So now here we are! I use to be a Muay Thai fighter myself whilst living in Thailand, hence why the passion has become so prominent.

I have completed studies in Remedial Massage and Nutrition and Human Movements as my passion is to help fix others, and if I can do it all under one roof, then I feel the better result will be had for the client. I specialise in Combat sports nutrition; however, I also do assist many people with eating disorders and nutrient deficiencies, weight loss / gain, general health and betterment of general lifestyle.

My aim is not to be around forever, rather to teach you about yourself and your body! Knowledge is power and that is what I want you to have.


As a Holistic Nutritional Therapist, I have been looking for a company to team with that has the same values for my last 4 years of business.

I am so please to be teamed with All Real Food as their Nutritionist, as their moral compass is everything in which I imagined myself. The fresh, healthy, preservative free menu options are a huge deal when it comes to providing quality food. When I say quality food, I don’t just mean taste, I mean the highest bioavailability of nutrients as their products are sourced from the best recourses possible to achieve their results.

Having such easy access to their regularly stocked vending machines, or meal delivery services one of the best aspects I can imagine. I feed many of my Athletes with All Real Food with their weekly meal plans. They are freshly made, and hand delivered, and the quality is above and beyond, thus I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.

Katie Missingham
Advanced Dip (Nutri)
Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Human Movements)
Diploma of Remedial Massage